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This web-site has been active for several years and it has reached the modest current average of about 1000 visitors per month.

But I was not able to achieve the objectives I had set for myself, so I will radically change my approach (it is March 2018).

I reintroduce myself: my name is Efrem Piccin, I’m an engineer, a former physics teacher in Genoa, now retired.

I do not know why, but a few years ago I was struck by the mysteries that the Pyramid of Cheops can offer to curious people of this planet.

In particular, the amazing complexity of its internal structure fascinated me.

Since Napoleon was there a long time passed, more than a century, but the allurement of the pyramids he brought to Europe still attracts.

Since then enthusiasts, scholars and scientists have tried to solve the puzzle and understand the purpose of the corridors, the rooms inside, the large monoliths, some in limestone, others in granite and all the strange details, often almost unknown, scattered everywhere.

Over the years, many hypotheses have been proposed but, in my opinion, none is conclusive: just giving explanations, often inconsistent to each other, so it is clear the absence of a comprehensive solution, logical and convincing.

Since I am a curious and stubborn man, I wanted to challenge myself in the enterprise, daydreaming about the fascinating mysteries of the Egyptian pyramids.

I had a good starting idea and then I tried to find out if there were existing elements to support it.

At the time I did not know anything about the pyramids but, as I told you, I am stubborn.

I dedicated myself to this, using all the available resources and, over time, I accumulated a large amount of data supporting my hypothesis.

I was convinced I got a global and convincing solution and I wrote a book titled "Hemiunu l’architetto".

For some years I have used this web-site to intrigue the readers and boost them to purchase my book.

A friend of mine has also translated it into English, so I published an e-book (Great Pyramid Explanation), still available on Amazon.

I sold copies, unfortunately too few, to be taken into consideration, as I hoped, from someone allowing me to start a modest research within the Cheops pyramid.

The Egyptians authorities do not care about non-professionals, however, I am absolutely I am absolutely sure of the goodness of my hypotheses and I can not resign myself to abandon my project.

Perhaps a strong support, obtained through my readers, might help me.

Easy to say but really hard to get.

My book, although technically very exhaustive, is complicated and requires a minimum of scholastic skills, at least equal to a technical diploma and a lot of good will from the readers.

In fact, after the first fifty pages, moderately discursive, when I start the description of the great gallery, its many details and the reason of these, readers often give up.

The book is completely different from any text dealing with the same subject.

I claim to have written a very technical book, where I propose solid solutions from an engineering point of view, but it is a text to be studied slowly, with great patience: it is not a book to be read comfortably resting on a pillow, perhaps before sleep.

Since I have a good skill for manual work too, I made different wooden models I used to take many photos that may be like a quasi-animations if seen in rapid succession.

All this material was (and still is) collected in a photo-gallery on my web-site.

These 400 elements, for logistical reasons, have been grouped into six compressed files, so to be easily downloaded.

At the beginning I was very jealous about all this: I was afraid of being robbed of ideas and even though I still fear conceited crows, I know that, if I want to get something in a reasonable time, I will have to resign myself and show my beautiful feathers...

Here then the last idea : waiting for a serious publisher I will sacrifice this minimum profit and I offer free in this web-site, remodeled and expanded for the purpose, my book in Italian and in English.

I would like that fans (I hope a lot) were able to deal with my explanations patiently and willingly, helped by the photo gallery included.

Trust me, I am not a visionary: explanations are complex but absolutely technical and rational.

Any curious person with a minimum of scientific skills will be able to deal with it and to share (I hope) my arguments.

Please help me to advertise this book to obtain the minimum visibility I need in order to reach the goal I describe in the last page of the book.



Thanks a lot : Efrem Piccin.