01 Introduction
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Great Pyramid Explanation why did they build the great pyramid of giza | the great pyramid of giza images 01 Introduction

01 Introduction

Just like Emilio Salgari, I am writing this book without stirring away from my home, without ever having been to Egypt, and never having had an opportunity to visit the Pyramid of Cheops.
However, we live in the age of global communication, which can result in unexpected fruits.
My curiosity about the Great Pyramid has origins in distant times: I was very young when one evening my father told me about this monument describing it as a treasure chest of infinite secrets.
There were no other incidents, but that single episode was enough.
My experience as a teacher of physics has taught me that if you want to grab the attention of the oftenrestive minds of your students, you must first pique their curiosity in your explanations: if you succeed in this, you have arrived.
In order to accomplish my research, I was lucky enough to have good plans and numerous photographs taken on site by friends and acquaintances. The rest of the material I found on the Internet.

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