05 The Device
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05 The Device

At this point, we should be going back to the Antechamber of the Portcullises to describe the hydraulic mechanism, but since I’m afraid of forgetting the issue of the double vault at the main entrance, I prefer to address it here.
In the previous chapter, I described how, at the legitimate entrance, we can observe two powerful stacked limestone vaults, placed to protect the entrance of the Descending Corridor (photo F01).
In his comments, the author of the planimetry in my possession blames the apparent uselessness of the device since the vertical forces acting in this position, so much to the side, do not justify such disproportionate protection.
It might seem like a good argument, but as usual I do not agree.
If Hemiunu designed it in this way, he must have had good reasons, which I hope to uncover.
It is worth mentioning that the entire Grand Gallery and the associated corridors are preserved in perfect condition.

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